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Boeing 737 NG Reference Guide

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Reference guide for the Boeing 737 NG aircraft that details all switches, lights, systems, FMC pages and alerts.Quickly find the information you are looking for via clicking an area in the cockpit or looking up a section. Ideal app for studying, review or as a quick reference to the FCOM and more.
SYSTEMAll FCOM chapters and information on aircraft systems.
LIGHTSAll lights and information on what causes illumination.
SWITCH / DISPLAYAll switches and what movement of the individual switch will cause.
FMCDetailed description of each FMC page and setting on each page.
MMELMaster MEL referenced by ATA codes
ALERTSFMC, terrain, TCAS and windshear alerts and what exactly triggers them.
* No document or app can replace the FCOM or other official publication. This is not to be used in flight.